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Permaculture, gardening, urban, landscape, design and architecture


After decades of experiments, researches and experience our Prague based design studio with intercultural overlap developed unique know-how to solve sustainbility and self-suficient living and design. We find for you the best reliable solution which perfectly fits your needs. Our multiplatform team experienced in design, architecture and landscape can help to improve nature and let nature breathe freely again. We grow your business with less impact on natural resources and energy, and create such design to make your surroundings more natural place to be.

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Design & architecture from natural materials

Design & Architecture

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We design for you a product and architectural design. We belive in long-standing design mostly from nature-friendly materials. Our lead designer has craftmanship of three generation experience. This is the reason why we develop not only concepts, studies and visions, but we also provide the realization with focus on craftsmanship - we design only what we are able to project and make ourselves. Our sustainable vision is powered by own know-how for long durable solution - make it once and lasts forever. This is what we call sustainable - we pursue the same approach in all our work. Our design uses different ratio of concerns that sustain and balance with nature than your usual design providers. This is our purpose.

Waste water, zero-waste, renewable sources, energy indepent and neutral

Facility & processing

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We will help you to improve energy management to lower the cost and waste and fully leverage the natural resources. And we are not talking only about water and electricity. We will help you to optimize your project and design your facility within a package to promote zero waste marketing. To us it does not matter whether your business is a hotel, a restaurant, a corporate, a factory or a small office - creativity opens here. Renewable energies, waste water managment, zero waste and more – whatever you can think of we are here to setup your goals, and help run your business more towards zero-waste, saving your energy costs and most of all - natural resources.

Permaculture, gardening, urban, landscape, design and architecture

Urban & Landscape

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More than 20 years of permaculture gardening allows us to colaborate with nature and "edible garden" and experimenting in all scales. It does not matter if you need to redesign country-side property, roof on your skyscraper or backyard of your studio. For us problems do not exist, problems are self-inpiration for crativity. We can scale your visions from small back-yards, private garden to whole urban projects. Who does not want to live connected with calming nature in urban places ? Let us to change your concrete deserts to fruity gardens and create for you a place with nature and harmony.

Why us?
Permaculture, gardening, urban, landscape, design and architecture

Why us ?

+ Holistic approach

We think in all-in-all solutions. We believe in singularity, like in nature. We believe in forces of nature and solve problems the most natural way possible with minimum energetic impact – again, like in nature. Everything is one.

+ Freemarket solutions

Strongly based beliefs in free market structure is something natural for us and we know how to grow your business without donation, subsidies and other unfair supports. Rely on liberty and free markets drives our experience and proves as "doable"  in order to protect nature and business using instruments of free trade principles

+ Scalable solutions

We solve your problems or help to steer them in right direction regardless of size of your company. Does not matter how big your business is - we find and apply solutions to your needs. No need to worry whether you are small company, big comunity or corporate

+ Nature inspired

Nature is key point of all inspiration to us – it is the air we breathe, food we eat – nature calms us. Strong beliefs bring the natural material into our daily lives, it is the way how to make calm and peaceful place in our daily businesses

+ Own know-how

In product design we develop scalable "end-game" solution in which we believe - product is sustainable and ecological while being long-term solution. Made for long lasting use and life, repairable and from the most local materials

+ Open minded and inovative

We are open to all solutions. We do not force our solutions from our view. That would be egoistic. Our goal is to find the best way to improve your business and develop care of natural resources. Yes, we develop a know-how. But we are still healthy critical and open to new ways and inspirations. We are not afraid proceeding with unpopular solutions or combined unexpectations

+ Open sources

We are quite unique, as our whole studio runs on open source systems – indeed, we are keen on ideas to operate freely and being fully responsive to open source solutions and software. All our artworks, studies, engineering and other works run completely on Linux and open source software. As we are thankful contributors to all, we lovely sharing our know-how and experience freely on our blog at our Store

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